multiMAN 04.13.00 Released

November 23, 2012

deank has thrown down yet another update for his multiMAN homebrew application. When you thought that the last two releases coming with rapid succession was going to be the end of it, you can the next two releases to it. While 04.12.00 mainly adds support for Rogero’s 4.30 CFW v2, the 04.13.00 release features a few additional changes. Take a look at the changelog:

Version 04.13.00

  • Also online is mM 04.13.00 with a fix for Hermes payload for Rogero 4.30CFW v2:
  • Fixed issue with Hermes payload on 4.30CEX Rogero ver 2.00
  • 4+GB split files caching from USB and “Ext. Game Data” game option now work
  • Added standalone application “* Install Package Files”
  • RELOAD.SELF from the application can be used in other homebrew tools to install PKG files via the bubble-method
  • Install Package Files app works on all firmwares
  • stDISC and gameDATA apps will be available later for Rogero 4.30CFW v2.

Version 04.12.00

* Added full support for Rogero 4.30CFW Version 2.00
– LV1 peek/poke support
– PS1 disc backups support
– Direct Disc Access support
* Added new function in “Home” column – “* Install Package Files”
* Added new option in “Settings” – “Install Package Files Method”
– User can pick from either “Standard” or “PSN Style (bubble)” modes
– Bubble mode shows installable packages as PSN downloaded content in Game column (or under Rebug’s Package Manager/PSN Content)
– To select a package file (*.pkg):
— Use [* Install Package Files] option in Home column or
— double click on a pkg file in mmOS/File Manager (when “bubble” method is used the PS3 will reboot)
* Fixed copying of AVCHD/Blu-ray movie backups from Video column

You can grab the latest version of multiMAN by updating from the application itself or manually by downloading the .pkg file for your PS3 below. If you are looking to update to Rogero’s 4.30 CFW V2, remember that the “Install Package Files” option is removed so you’ll have to install multiMAN beforehand or use deank’s Install Package Tool.

Download: mutliMAN 04.13.00

Source: Tortuga Cove

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