multiMAN 04.14.04 STEALTH Released

December 5, 2012

deank is pumping out more updates then we can keep up with. Just three days ago, version 04.14.03 was released with a stealth version following yesterday. Today, there is another update that brings in some new features and fixes some bugs. Version 04.14.04 implements the 80010009 error fix that we reported on earlier, support for installing .PKG files from NTFS drives, among other things. Check out the changelog:

  • Added support for fixing 80010009 errors for games with updates (like FIFA 2013 v 1.04)

    • mM will check the game backup, the installed update (on internal HDD and in GAMEI on external USB HDD)
    • It will ‘fix’ all .self/.sprx files and EBOOT.BIN
    • This feature allows you to ‘fix’ game updates even if you play from the original BD game disc (install the update, load the game from the [disc] icon in mM and it will check if you have installed incompatible updates and will fix it)
  • Added support for installing PKG files from NTFS drives in mmOS
  • Added support for installing game updates after download on 4.30CFW ROGERO 2.03
  • Improved display of game titles in all modes (no double refresh/redraw)
  • Fixed covers issue in 8×4 display mode

Looks like a great update as always. You can grab the latest version through multiMAN or by downloading it below. Remember that the stealth version requires an extra step to installation:

  • Extract the rar and copy report_data.txt to a USB stick/hdd
  • Update/Install from [* Install Package Files]

Download: multiMAN 04.14.04 | Stealth Version (multiMAN 04.14.00 Needs To Be Installed First)

Source: PS3Crunch

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