multiMAN 04.15.00 Released With Remote Access Capability

December 12, 2012

deank has been teasing us with the new features being implemented in the next version of multiMAN. After a few days of waiting, it has finally been released. The most notable features include the new Remote Access Feature, which allows you to connect to another PS3 running multiMAN around the world, either from another PS3 or your PC. As one can figure, this feature is great for those who need something troubleshooted with the help of a friend or other expert. Alongside this, deank has also tossed in improvements to make file retriveal quicker as well as a screenshot feature. Here is the changelog:

  • Updated PC application “ps3netsrv” to support fast folder-data retrieval
  • Greatly improved loading of remote /net_host folders (up to 4096 entries in mmOS and 2048 in other modes)
  • Greatly improved loading of remote Retro ROMs folders with covers
  • Added support to access remote PS3 system in mmOS or in game modes via /net_host
    • You can access all data of a remote PS3 to view/play photo/music/video files, transfer files/folders (and load ISO games/movies PS3/PSX/DVD/BD if used with Cobra CFW)
  • Added option in “Settings” – “Connect to Another PS3” – it allows full remote control (screen/pad) of another PS3 running multiMAN 04.15.00 and later
  • Added option in “Settings” – “Remote Access Permissions” (Disable/Files/Screen/Full) to restrict remote connnections to your PS3
  • Added support for mmRAS – PC application by Aldo (aldostools) which allows remote access to your PS3 (screen/pad) while running multiMAN
  • Screenshot feature in multiMAN (START+R2) will now save screens as JPEG.

If you’ve managed to keep it in your pants, you can grab the latest update below. As always, you will need at least version 04.14.00 installed before attempting to update. If you are, you can download the latest update using the integrated updater or manually below.

Download: multiMAN 05.15.00 Update PKG | multiMAN 04.14.00

Source: PS3Crunch

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