multiMAN 04.16.02 Released – More Speed Improvements

December 17, 2012

deank has been cranking out the updates to multiMAN. With each new version, there is some new feature or improvement going into it. deank has released version 04.16.02 for CEX and DEX consoles as well as a stealth version to go along with it. The speed of operations have been tweaked greatly and deank is letting us have at it. Not only that, the Remote Access feature has been improved. Check the changelog:

  • A show-off version so you can find out what speeds multiMAN is capable of
  • Scanning for games is greatly improved and is 40-80% faster now
  • Improved “Remote Acess” functions (support for Left/Right stick mouse controls in remote mmOS)
  • Added support for new mmRAS 01.02.00
  • Some other general improvements

As usual, you will need to have version 04.14.00 or higher installed before attempting to install to/update this version. You can download the latest version via the integrated updater in multiMAN or manually using the packages below.

Download: multiMAN 04.16.02 (CEX)

Source: PS3Crunch

Tags: backup manager, deank, homebrew, multiMAN, PlayStation 3, PS3

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