multiMAN 04.16.03 Released

December 18, 2012

What he has done now is added further speed enhancements to other areas of multiMAN, such as the GUI, Data test, mmOS folder loading and USB data verification. Also in the mix is an over scroll fix and a “Friendly” name option for net host parties. As usual you will need multiMAN 04.16.00 base or higher installed on your PS3 prior to updating to this version. 



Here is the minor 04.16.03 update which will change your mM experience forever: 

  • Improved overall speed of all functions and GUI
  • Data Test/Verify functions now take fraction of the time compared to previous versions
  • Improved ‘Verifying data’ of USB games by a factor of 50
  • Improved scan before copying a game/folder
  • Improved loading folders in mmOS
  • Improved just a bit deleting games/folders
  • Greatly improved loading content when browsing PS3 HDD/USB drives in game modes
  • Loading Retro ROM/Video/Photo and ISO folders while browsing PS3 HDD/USB is now about 15 times faster
  • Added “Friendly” name option in “Settings”/”Network Servers” for /net_host parties
  • Fixed over-scrolling when browsing through large number of entries
  • Increased max number of entries in game modes by 50% to 3072 (from 2048)
  • The first time you load this version it will take 2-3 seconds longer, but next mM starts will show the GUI in a split second.

The update for CEX/DEX/STEALTH is now available online.


P.S. A big “thanks” goes to all of you who supported multiMAN the last couple of months and before. Thank you!


Let me know how you feel about this specific 04.16.03 version and about the things it improves for you.

Download: multiMAN 04.16.03

Source: PS3crunch

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