multiMAN 04.17.01 Released – Just Another Minor Update

December 21, 2012

deank has a minor update for multiMAN that he wants to get out to his fans. With that, he has released version 04.17.01. With this update, the PS3 will not reboot itself when you exit multiMAN while installing packages, using the “PSN/Bubble” mode or if you are using Rogero’s 4.30 custom firmware. Here’s the official changelog posted in the multiMAN updater:

  • Installing PKG files will not reboot the PS3
  • InstallPKG standalone updated, too

Yesterday, deank released version 04.17.00 which featured some more improvements in the speed category as well as lowered the RAM used by multiMAN in general. This follows after the series of improvements implemented in the 04.16.xx series of multiMAN that were released during previous weeks.

You can download the latest version of multiMAN by using the integrated updater or by downloading and installing the package file below and then go back to being on the prowl for the next update.

Download: multiMAN 04.17.01 | multiMAN 04.17.00 | InstallPKG

Source: PS3Crunch

Tags: backup manager, deank, homebrew, installpkg, mm, multiMAN, PlayStation 3, PS3

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