multiMAN 04.19.03 Out With More PS1 Improvements

February 4, 2013

With another day, comes another update of multiMAN by the one and only deank. Like the previous two updates to the 04.19.xx series, this release brings improvements to PS1 backup support and emulation. Version 04.19.03 can now play BIN+CUE PS1 games with audio tracks. Not only that, new screen options are available for PS1 games. Here is the full changelog:

  • Added support for BIN+CUE PS1 games with AUDIO tracks
  • Added Smooth/Full-Screen options for PS1 games in “Settings”
  • Added 4 new translation labels
  • Updated Showtime to 04.01.480

As deank notes in his release post, you should always use CUE files with your PS1 backups to ensure the best compatibility and that there may be problems using multidisc games with audio tracks due to the way the feature is implemented. You can grab yourself the latest version of multiMAN from the application itself or by manually and installing it below. As always with this lineup of updates, you will need version 04.18.00 or higher installed to the PS3 before updating to 04.19.03.


Download: multiMAN 04.19.03 | multiMAN 04.18.00 | Showtime 04.01.480 [CEX]


Source: PS3Crunch

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