multiMAN 04.19.05 Out : It Does PS2 Add-Ons For PS3 Games

February 7, 2013

deank is keeping the updates to multiMAN coming like there’s no tomorrow. Version 04.19.05 has been released and the main focus isn’t related to PS1 backup support. In fact, it’s more focused on the newer generations of the PlayStation console. With this release, PS3 games that use PS2 disc addons such as Singstar can now be used with multiMAN. Here’s what deank mentions in the release notes:

  • “[PS2” prefix in folder name required

    • – Example: /dev_hdd0/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Pop] where [PS2 Pop] contains a backup of your PS2 disc

You can have up to 10 [PS2] add-on discs per PS3 game. In the screenshot above the following folder structure was used:

/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance <- this=”” is=”” the=”” game=”” listed=”” in=”” column=”” br=””> mM detects the add-on PS2 discs and will list them in the pop-up menu when you load the game:

/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Pop]
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Disney]
/dev_usb000/GAMES/SingStar-Dance/[PS2 Party]

To have a PS2 disc to be listed in the pop-up menu the folder name must start with [PS2 like in the examples above.

The only caveats with this feature is that multiMAN can only handle 10 PS2 disc addons per PS3 game. On top of that, you must have the BD-ROM emulator set to use [Hermes] and use a PS3 disc. When the time comes to use the content from the PS2 addon you will need a PS2 original disc.

If that’s not going to be a problem for you, you can snatch up the latest update within multiMAN or below.


Download:multiMAN 04.19.05 | multiMAN 04.18.00


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