multiMAN 04.19.06 Released With Even More PSX Improvements

February 11, 2013

Fine tuning his backup manager, deank has released the next update to multiMAN. With version 04.19.06 available for download, deank has added support PSX PSXEMU/PSXNETEMU emulator selection for PS1 BIN+CUE backups. With this implemented, you may be able to get a game running, better peformance, graphics or a combination of the three if you choose to use the PSXNETEMU emulator instead of the default PSXEMU emulator.


  • Added support for PSXEMU/PSXNETEMU emulator selection for PS1 BIN+CUE backups (Press [Triangle] -> Game Settings)
  • When using PSX NETEMU option the disc backups must be in MODE1 or MODE2 / 2352 (or more) bytes sector
  • Multi-disc games are not supported in this initial PS1_NETEMU-support version

The default launch mode for PS1 file backups is “AUTO” = PSX EMU. Some games may require or look/perform better when using PSX NETEMU. The patched versions were tested on 4.30 and 4.21, but hopefully 3.41 and 3.55 versions will work too.

This method is similar to the ps1_emu.self patching and doesn’t affect other apps nor uses system calls which may break other apps.

You can download the latest version of multiMAN using the integrated updater, by downloading it from the WEB column or by doing it manually below.


Download: multiMAN 04.19.06


Source: PS3Crunch

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