multiMAN 04.19.07 TEST Update Released: Integrates New mM Payload

February 18, 2013

What could be the bridge between multiMAN 04.19.07 and 05.00.00, is a test version, which was released. Last week, deank pushed out a test version of 04.19.07, which includes the new mM payload that was coded himself. The payload will replace the already existing Hermes & PL3 payloads. As deank puts over, his payload:

  • It introduces the new mM payload which makes mM independent and easy to port for various firmwares
  • Supports only 3.55 CEX/DEX, 4.21 CEX/DEX, 4.30 CEX, 4.31 CEX
  • BD-ROM Emulator option in Settings can be set to “Enable / Disable” – no more “Hermes”/”Standard”
  • This payload overwrites 252 bytes of strings in LV2 memory (and not 4000 bytes of code like other payloads), it doesn’t use syscalls and doesn’t rely on firmware functions, executes fast and improves performance
  • Compatibility-wise it is better than “Standard” and slightly better than “Hermes”.

If you want to give this test version a shot, you can download it below. Remember that unforeseen bugs can appear and functionality can break. If you’re not comfortable with that, stay put on your current version.


Download: multiMAN 04.19.07 TEST


Source: PS3Crunch

Tags: backup manager, deank, homebrew, mm, multiMAN, PlayStation 3, PS3

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