multiMAN 4.07.00 DEX and CEX Now Available

October 21, 2012

Multiman has had a long history within the PS3 scene. What started as a simply small project has slowly grown into one of the most essential homebrew apps we need to remain involved in this community. Obviously, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, this is what we have all been  using to copy and boot all of our favorite titles, but really that’s just the beginning. With integration for some of our favorite media plugins and emulators, it’s impossible not to find a little something to love when it comes to this impressive app manager. These latest builds are absolutely no exception to that rule.

Probably one of the biggest changes here is that support for the ever-elusive 4.21 CFW has been thrown into the mix. With full support for BD and version spoofing within this environment, the whole scene has more or less been thrown into a tizzy wondering what’s to come next, but of course our present 3.55 users will be happy as well, with bug fixes coming for PSOne backups among others. When it comes to program support, you’ll find the availability of CEX and DEX Showtime plugins as well as Retroarch, stDISC, bdRESET, and lastGAME. That being said, while this new version does do a lot in planning for the future of our kind, there’s really quite a bit for the current generation  to sink their teeth into. Oh, and as for that new 4.21 CFW? Deank very politely asks excited users to stop emailing him about it. He has no real knowledge other than that it’s in development. Until it arrives on the web however, this historic dev has done us a service by still continuing to add to this multi-use suite of homebrew awesomeness.


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