multiMAN 4.10.00 with REBUG REX support

November 3, 2012

deank has updated multiMAN to 4.10.00 to help out REBUG REX users. Seems also there is a new feature called “Dummy_BDEMU” witch will help users with a broken blu ray drive, but working logic board to play backups on their MFW ps3.

multiMAN ver 04.10.00 BASE CEX (20121103).rar (26.42MB)


* Added full support for 4.21REX (REBUG) firmware
* Added support for 4.21REX in DEX full mode (DEX flash + DEX lv2 kernel)
* Added support for PS1 disc backups for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode
* Added support for direct-disc-access for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode (data CD/DVD/BD discs)
* Added support for flashing 256MB NAND *.EID0.NANDBIN backups
* Users with broken BD drives can use 4.21REX in DEX mode with fake BDEMU stick/image for 100% game compatibility

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re using DEX mode in 4.21REX, use this CEX version of mM (do not install the reguar DEX mM which is only for official dex firmwares).


This package also includes:

* Rebug Toolbox 02.00.00
* c2d + openssl



It is to help users with broken BD-ROM drives (which have a working logic board and married to the PS3). A lot of games have issues when started from /app_home or using “Direct Boot”, that’s why this is the BEST solution for such users. You will have to be on 4.21CFW REBUG (REX) with DEX Target ID flash and DEX LV2 Kernel (full DEX MODE).

Here is the readme:

If you do not want to waste a whole USB HDD you can use a
small 512MB USB STICK to emulate your broken BD-ROM.

* PC and PS3
* USB stick/drive (512MB minimum size)
* Disc Image Generator Software (ps3gen)
* PLAYSTATION3.iso Dummy BDEMU image
* 4.21CFW REBUG (REX) operating in DEX mode with DEX lv2_kernel (FULL DEX MODE)

* Connect a USB HDD to be used for BDEMU
* Start “Disc Image Generator for Playstation3″ (ps3gen)
* Click “Show” button in the top right-hand corner
* Click “Select File…” button
* Locate and select “PLAYSTATION3.iso” provided in this archive
* Click “Save / Emu …” button
* Select “Write Image to BD Emulator HDD”
* Select your BDEMU USB HDD
* Pick a slot from the list and click “Write Image”


On your PS3 with 4.21REX CFW and multiMAN 04.10.00 installed:

* Install “Rebug Toolbox 02.00.00″ and launch it
* In DEX/CEX: Flash your DEX EID0 NOR/NAND file (DEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN or DEX-FLASH.EID0.NANDBIN file on /dev_usb000 stick)
* Quit Toolbox and reboot your PS3
* In XMB “Settings” go to “Debug Settings” and set “Blu-ray Disc Access” option to “BD Emulator (USB)”
* Turn off your PS3
* Connect the BDEMU USB HDD drive/stick to the right-most port (/dev_usb000) – the port closest to the BD-ROM drive
* Turn on your PS3

* You should see “PLAYSTATION(R)3″ Game Disc mounted in XMB Game column
* Start multiMAN 04.10.00+, load a game from internal HDD or external USB HDD connected to another port. Do not unplug the BDEMU USB drive.

* Start your game from the Disc Icon in XMB.



Here’s a tutorial how to use Dummy_BDEMU:
itskamel’s Dummy_BDEMU tutorial for REBUG REX

Thanks to itskamel for the news submission and the tutorial!

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