multiMAN Cobra Manager 04.18.05 Released For Cobra 4.30 Users

January 25, 2013

If you are one of the guys (or gals) that have bought their Cobra USB dongles out of storage to update to the 4.30 custom firmware released earlier this week, there is an updated multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) available that works with the new firmware. The 04.18.04 update which was followed up with the 04.18.05 release has bought support for the new Cobra firmware, improved compatibility among some games and have bought in a plethora of features that were introduced in previous versions of the main multiMAN application. Here’s the changelog for mmCM itself:


  • Adds additional support/fixes to Cobra CFW 4.30

    • Dongle Required for Cobra Features


  • Added initial Support to Cobra 4.30 CFW
  • It seems to improves some games compatibility

You can download the latest version of the multiMAN Cobra Manager below, as well as the new firmware releases done for 4.30, if you haven’t updated already.

Download: multiMAN Cobra Manager 04.18.05 | Cobra 4.30 Custom Firmware + Cobra USB v6 Firmware

Source: PS3Crunch

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