multiMAN Cobra Manager Gets Updated

August 11, 2012

The Cobra team is at it again and release an update to multiMAN Cobra Manager. This release allows you to download game updates requiring firmware 3.60, which will need patching before installing. 

This basically helps you get game updates signed with 3.60 keys which then can be re-signed for custom firmware 3.55. Other interesting updates are optimized transfer speeds making copying from NTFS drives 3 times faster. Not to mention NOR/NAND flash dumping using the HEX viewer mode. Check out the rest below!


  • Improved speed (2 to 3 times faster) when copying folders from NTFS drives (async write + larger I/O buffer)
  • Fixed wrongly issued error message when copying 4+GB files to USB (when source file is being split)
  • Fixed access permissions/attributes of split file segments and LV1/LV2/FLASH-dumps when copying to USB
  • Added support for launching NPDRM executables (SELF files) with k_license=NULL (zeroes) / RetroArch emulators
  • Added support for dumping NOR/NAND flash to /dev_usb000 via HEX Viewer mode (SELECT->START->LV2->LV1->FLASH)
  • Added support for writing EID0 sector (TARGET_ID + 192 bytes only) from *.EID0.NORBIN and .EID0.NANDBIN files generated by mM and processed by c2d.exe to change Region/Target
  • ISO folders (BDISO, DVDISO, PS2ISO, PS3 ISO, PSXISO, PSPISO) will be automatically created only when mM is used with supported configuration
  • Changed: “Game Updates” function will find updates up to 3.60 firmware (update must be patched for 3.55CFW before installing)
  • Changed: “Game Settings” menu will display PIC1.PNG thumbnail if game folder was accessed in mmOS mode (PS3GAME.BG1 present under PS3_GAME)

Download: mmCM ver 04.04.04 BASE

Source: cobra-usb

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