multiMAN Gets An Update To v04.04.03

July 2, 2012

So you’re looking for a reason to turn your PS3 on. Well guess what? New multiMAN means that you’re going have to. DeanK and the rest of the Cobra USB team have released a new version of the backup manager. Take a look.

The v04.04.03 update adds the 4.20 firmware spoof for Cobra CFW users, uses new update servers and allows you to change the region for BluRay movies. As usual, included are your changes to mmOS and your bugfixes.


  • Changed folder “Paste” behavior in mmOS – when overwriting existing folder the destination will not be deleted before pasting
  • Added 3 key combos in mmOS (for full list please refer to “navigation.txt”):
    – SELECT+(CROSS hold) – Select All
    – SELECT+(L2/R2) – Scroll to top/bottom of folder/file list
  • Extended “FTP Server” options in “Settings”: Disable / Enable (1 min. TO)…(9 min. TO) / (No timeout) to set ftp connection timeouts
  • Added 4.20 to “Fimware Version” option in “Settings” (Cobra 3.55CFW)
  • Changed function “Game Updates” (different server; function will not work in older versions)
  • Changed function “Download Game Covers” (different server; function will not work in older versions)
  • Added option “Blu-ray Movie Disc Region” in “Settings” to change current PS3 region/targetid for movie compatibility (for non-Cobra/TB 3.55CFW)
  • Added support for ICON1.PAM in themes

You can download the latest multiMAN from below or update directly from the application, if you are so inclined.

Download: multiMAN v04.04.03

Source: Cobra USB via PS3Crunch

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