multiMAN Showtime Update and New Server

June 4, 2013

MM has had a small update. The first one is that there are new update servers live on dean’s personal servers supporting MM.

In addition there is a Showtime update that incorporates the media center to MM.

To quote:

Here is a quick update to multiMAN:

Since my old server has no chance of going up again I decided to use my home “server” to restore the covers/themes/webcolumn/game-updates functionalities.

Please do not abuse it – it may get slower from time to time, but this is all I can do at the moment. This is the only change in this version (new update/online server) along with SHOWTIME.SELF 04.03.240 for mM and as standalone.


multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE (20130602).zip (90.14MB)
Download multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE (20130602).zip from – send big files the easy way


multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE CEX (20130602).pkg
multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE DEX (20130602).pkg

Showtime 04.03.240 [CEX].pkg
Showtime 04.03.240 [DEX].pkg



Showtime 04.03.240 [CEX].pkg (5.93MB)
Download Showtime 04.03.240 [CEX].pkg

[Source and download]

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