multiMAN Theme Control Tool Released By Brunolee

May 25, 2013

Theme developer brunolee has released a tool that will package themes to be used for multiMAN. The tool/executable, called multiMAN Theme Control, will create a PKG of a selected theme or a multi-theme package containing multiple themes. Also worth a mention is some minor updates to his previously released themes. These themes are edited versions of The Media Cabinet originally created by Shagratt. You can check those out via the source below. 


multiMAN Theme Control:
It is an executable multiOptions to facilitate packaging themes for multiMAN

    • Create IQR theme – From folder theme, will reduce 10% Quality on some images and create other theme folder IQR (After if you want, THM and PKG)
    • Create THM theme – It will create .thm from folder theme (After if you want, PKG)
    • Create PKG theme – It will create .pkg from folder theme
    • Create PKG multiThemes – It will create one .pkg from with all THMs in executable directory

This executable uses:
“mmTM_GUI.exe” from aldostools
“make_package_npdrm.exe” from Sony
“PhotoResize.exe” from Vlastimil Milér
and batch code written by brunolee

Download: multiMAN Theme Control

Source: psx-scene

Tags: multiman theme control, multiman themes, the media cabinet themes

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