multiMAN Update Includes CEX, DEX & Stealth PSX Support

January 30, 2013

PlayStation 3 developer of note, Deank, has updated his multifunctional application known as multiMAN. Not only a backup manager but an app, for PS3 CFW users, that accomodates many tasks that you would want to accomplish on your favourite console… The PS3. This update as seen in previouse releases brings further support to PS1 backup compatibility. Also introduced is support to CFW 4.31. He also adds comment to some changes in code regarding Hermes ps1_patch2.S.


To Quote: Deank

mM 04.19.02 update is available online and in the web column.

multiMAN ver 04.19.02 UPD (20130130) (Includes CEX/DEX/STEALTH updates)

  • Added support for 4.31CFW
  • Added support for creating ISO files from PS1 game discs
  •  Improved support for PS1 ISO/BIN/IMG/MDF


About the PS1 improvement: I have NFS:Porsche and it works fine from disc but not from ISO/BIN. The issue was in the patched ps1_emu.self (ATAPI 0×43 READ TOC) which I believe breaks some games (like because of missing .CUE sheet processing). I hope that this fix (which is included in mM 04.19.02) will fix issues with other games that crashed or had some audio issues.

The original patch from Hermes (in ps1_patch2.S)
memcpy(&data[n - sizeof(ps1emu_patch2)], ps1emu_patch2, sizeof(ps1emu_patch2));
(0x3C, 0×80, 0×00, 0×22, 0×60, 0×84, 0×01, 0×63, 0×90, 0×98, 0×00, 0×00):

lis %r4, 0×22
ori %r4, %r4, 0×0163 // first track / last track
stw %r4, 0(%r24)

My change:
memcpy(&data[n - 20], ps1emu_patch2, sizeof(ps1emu_patch2));
(0x3C, 0×80, 0×00, 0x0A, 0×60, 0×84, 0×01, 0×01, 0×90, 0×98, 0×00, 0×00,
0x3C, 0×80, 0×00, 0×14, 0×60, 0×84, 0×01, 0×00, 0×90, 0×98, 0×00, 0×04)

lis %r4, 0x0A // Correct size of TOC
ori %r4, %r4, 0×0101 // first SESSION# / last SESSION#
stw %r4, 0(%r24)

lis %r4, 0×14 // add correct ADR(1)/CTR(4) info in response = Data track + Copy protection
ori %r4, %r4, 0×0100 // first track# in first SESSION / reserved
stw %r4, 4(%r24)


Download: multiMAN 04.19.02

Source: Deank via PS3Crunch

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