multiMAN v04.05.04 & mmDM Updates Roll In

September 6, 2012

Not even a week ago did developers deank and Aldostools release their collaboration of tools and updates. In the last 24 hours comes an update to multiMAN for DEX console users as well as an update to mmDM. Here is the lowdown.

To Quote:

multiMAN DEX 04.05.04:

BDEMU games are accessible in the side-menu in Game column when user presses Triangle over the [* Refresh]

  • Added support for mmDM 02.00.00 (Aldo’s PS3 DEX Game Mounter PC application)
  • Added support for selecting and activating up to 10 games from BDEMU USB HDD (mmDM+ProDG+LAN required)
  • Press Triangle while [* Refresh] is selected in Game column to access BDEMU games

What’s Required?

  • A PC and a PS3 and wired LAN
  • Wired LAN connection from your PS3 to the local network
  • multiMAN 04.05.04 [DEX] installed on your PS3
  • ProDG / TargetManager installed on your PC
  • mmDM 02.00.00 (DEX GameMounter) installed on your PC

mmDM 2.00.00:

  • The major change in this version is that it fully integrates with multiMAN v04.05.04+ (DEX).
  • It has many other new features, I dare you to find them.

Download: multiMAN 04.05.04 for DEX

Download: mmDM 02.00.00

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

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