multiMAN v04.05.05 (DEX) — Now no need of PC+PRODG to switch games!

September 9, 2012

Yeah another bloat ware laden release, enjoy!
* Added support for selecting and activating up to 10 games from BDEMU USB HDD within multiMAN
— NO NEED for PC+PRODG. To use the local BDEMU switching function a wired (local or internet) LAN connection is required and ProDG MUST NOT be connected

— Use ProDG if you are using Aldo’s mmDM 02.01.01.

– Press [/] whlie [* Refresh] is selected in Game column to access BDEMU slots

* Retained support for mmDM 02.01.01 (Aldo’s DEX Game Mounter)
Even tho, thanks to wonderful update by developer behind ‘multiMAN’, and here is no longer an need anymore for your PC or ProDG to be installed , the PS3 must still be connected to active LAN cable, that just the sadly the design of the DEX OS, no way around it!


source: TrueBlueCrunch

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