multiMAN v04.17.03

December 25, 2012

As always famed PS3 developer and scene veteran Deank has updated his long running homebrew app multiMAN just in time for Christmas with a few new features and improvements. What could he possibly have added to it now you may ask?  Well unfortunitly the newest version multiMAN 4.17.03 doesn’t really add anything that’s new outside of a progress bar when you copy non-split files from USB in the installPKG app. What he has done is improve the whole installPKG system, fixed the problem with split games in stealthMAN and improved the overall speed of multiMAN in general. So have a read of Deank’s release note below and get updating.

multiMAN 04.17.03 is available online now (cex/dex/stealth):

* mM is now even faster
* Installing PKG files from /dev_hdd0 now doesn’t require copying and losing time and space (takes less than a second)
* Added progress bar when copying non-split files from USB in installPKG application
* Fixed problem with split games in stealthMAN
* installPKG [Singstar Replacement] available (updated)



Tags: deank, multiMAN, PS3 Homebrew

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