multiMAN v04.18.04 UPD Available

January 15, 2013

If you’re in the PS3 scene, then you probably should have heard the name multiMAN a few billion times by now. After all, it is the premiere loader and installer for pretty much all content within our community, so week after week its many revisions remain as one of the most hotly downloaded files on our servers.

When it comes to version 04.18.04 specifically, you should be able to find it as an online program update within the loader, which means you know deank finds this one to be super important. The main thrust behind this is that a new bug has been located in which multiMAN actually skips some essential files when copying games or files over that have only one letter plus an extension in their file name. This might mean some of your rips were not working properly, but that issue has since been resolved, and it is highly suggested you update.

In addition, changes have been made to the on-screen keyboard which now no longer accepts text that the user has deleted. Music support has also been optimized, as has full support for GLC3.png themes that had been removed in previous versions. Screenshot quality has also seen a bit of an increase in quality as well set at 90% and a 1MB buffer. Finally, the multiMAN Toolbox will also be activated on Rogero firmware once you quit the loader with the PS Button. Remember to update as soon as you get the chance!



Tags: CFW, deank, homebrew, multiMAN, PS3 Hacks

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