multiMAN v04.20.01 Released

February 26, 2013

Another update from deank for multiMAN, this new update brings the normal bug-fixes and a few new features such as lastGAME5 support, improved discless compatibility and more


multiMAN 04.20.01 online update (1.2MB STEALTH, 1.7MB CEX, 2.8MB DEX) is available now.

Requires 04.20.00 BASE or FULL installed (everyone who updated online to 04.20.00 already got the 04.20.00 BASE).

* Added support for lastGAME5 for loading PS1 backups from the “Load Last Title” icon on XMB
* Added support for Emulator-grouping selection in the SIDE menu in RETRO column
* Fixed mM last-state-save when loading “bd-mirror”/”ext. game data” games
* The improved discless compatibility now allows for skipping mandatory gamedata install for some games

* Updated lastGAME, bdRESET and gameDATA to version 5 to support mM 04.20.00+. Downloads available in the web column, too.

multiMAN ver 04.20.01 UPD (20130225).zip (6.45MB)
Download multiMAN ver 04.20.01 UPD (20130225).zip from – send big files the easy way


* multiMAN ver 04.20.01 UPD CEX (20130225).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.20.01 UPD DEX (20130225).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.20.01 UPD STEALTH (20130225).zip
* bdRESET5.pkg
* lastGAME5.pkg
* gameDATA5.pkg


[VIA PSX-Scene]

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