multiMAN v2.01.00 Released!

June 19, 2011

PSX-SCENE developer deank has updated multiMAN to v2.01.00. New additions include, New Grouping Options, and more BD Remote Controller Support. See the changelog below for more details.

From deank:
You can now update to 2.01.00.

multiMAN ver 02.01.00 (20110619-020500).rar (68.71 MB)

02.01.00 UPDATE ONLY: multiMAN ver 02.01.00 UPDATE (20110619-160000).pkg (612.56 KB)

There will be no update support for versions 1.xx.xx. Updating using multiMAN update feature will require that you have the latest official version. I can’t keep with lazy folks sitting on 1.14 and having all other people download 8MB of updates when multiMAN update is just 600KB.

multiMAN 02.01.00 –

* Grouping by Genre for Game/Favorite Columns (SQUARE)
* Grouping by Emulator Type for Retro column (SQUARE)
* Grouping by title name (alphabetically) for Music (SQUARE), Game, Favorites, Retro columns (SELECT+SQUARE)
* Info pop-up during music playback
* Removed duplicate entries (by name) in Photo and Music XMMB columns
* BD Remote: [SLOW<<]/[SLOW>>] will change playback volume
* BD Remote: [BLUE] will switch to File Manager and back
* BD Remote: [GREEN] will turn on the Screensaver
* SELECT+START will switch to File Manager and back

* multiMAN EMULATOR PACK (SNES GENP VBA FBA FCEU) (20110611).rar (27.83 MB)

For more information and discussion visit the support thread here on: PSX-SCENE

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