multiMAN/mmCM v04.04.03 Released

July 2, 2012

Another update to mmCM bringing the version to v04.04.03.  This newest update brings BluRay region changing.

To quote:

04.04.03 –

  • Changed folder “Paste” behavior in mmOS – when overwriting existing folder the destination will not be deleted before pasting
  • Added 3 key combos in mmOS (for full list please refer to “navigation.txt”):
    – SELECT+(CROSS hold) – Select All
    – SELECT+(L2/R2) – Scroll to top/bottom of folder/file list
  • Extended “FTP Server” options in “Settings”: Disable / Enable (1 min. TO)…(9 min. TO) / (No timeout) to set ftp connection timeouts
  • Added 4.20 to “Fimware Version” option in “Settings” (Cobra 3.55CFW)
  • Changed function “Game Updates” (different server; function will not work in older versions)
  • Changed function “Download Game Covers” (different server; function will not work in older versions)
  • Added option “Blu-ray Movie Disc Region” in “Settings” to change current PS3 region/targetid for movie compatibility (for non-Cobra/TB 3.55CFW)
  • Added support for ICON1.PAM in themes

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