N0DRM Brings Us More Patches Today

August 30, 2012

With the release of the 3.60 keys happening not too long ago, dongle free patches for games have been pouring in from all kinds of various groups. Today N0DRM continues to delight and surprise with three more titles for us to consume.

If you’re the gearhead in your group of friends, you’ll be excited to see the names on this list, but before we get to that, I’ll just show you the file names as simple as they come.


If you like to take to the road at high speeds, than the first two games are definitely something that is worth checking out. SBK Generations in particular is a realistic customizable motor cycle racer that allows you to outfit any part of your speedy rig from bike choices to helmets. While the ratings weren’t particularly stellar, if you’re a fan of the Harley side of things, this might be a game that is worth keeping on your radar.

Supposing cars might be more your deal, Need for Speed: The Run will be right up your alley featuring a slew of makes and models related to a cross country racing challenge. The reviews here weren’t exactly that great either, but for the type of person that likes realistic cars and lots of them, this could be a worthwhile addition to the collection. The Need for Speed series has always been a favorite among racing fans, so it’s good to see the franchise expanding to the dongle free world.

Lastly we have the Japanese version of Armored Core V. While it may not be out in the states quite yet, the fourth iteration in the series did fairly well. This long standing name from the PSOne days is all about creating robots, suiting them up with weapons, and letting them duke it out as crazily as possible. It won’t have you conducting all of the high speed chases like the others, but with all of the customization options available you’ll sort of feel like you’re souping up your favorite ride.

That’s the round up. No go fourth and consume these games!


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