Naehrwert Brings Us HDD Decryption Through a PoC

August 20, 2012

Most of the time when we hear about decryptions in the PS3 scene, it is likely that we’re probably talking about firmware dumping that allows us to play all of those great homrbrew titles. Still, there’s a lot more hiding underneath the hood of the console that has yet to be tapped into.

Thanks to a new proof of concept released by famed coder Naehrwert we can now add decrypted hard drives to the PS3 hackable list.

So what would a decrypted hard drive mean to those interested? It would mean that you could network the contents of your hard drive to a myriad of other devices including (but not limited to) PCs. Basically as it stands right now, the reason our systems don’t show up in something like Windows’ Network and Sharing Center is because the hardware itself is locked down to be viewable from those venues. Decrypting the drive would put an end to that restriction.

While I’m not too much of a coder myself, this image supposedly clearly maps out how the hard drive’s inner workings are to be released. I would expect a full report on this in the coming days.


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