naehrwert Pops In With A SCETools Update

August 5, 2012

Moving along with the scene news, naehrwert has released a new version of SCETools, for those who make use of this for their PS3 development needs. For those keeping up with development, then there’s no need to see what’s new or even go for a download. We sure haven’t so if you’re like us, take a gander at what’s new.

Since the last update released in May, naehrwert has done some bug squashing and added SPP parsing to the app.


  • Fixed minor bugs where scetool would crash.
  • Added SPP parsing.
  • Decrypting RVK/SPP will now write header+data to file.

You can grab the latest version of SCETools below.

Download: SCETools v0.2.8

Source: @naehrwert

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