Navi X Gets An Update

August 17, 2012

Within the blink of an eye PlayStation 3 developer facanferf has released an update to his Showtime plugin Navi X.

A whole bunch of additions include user defined search settings, IMDB list support and a new error reporting system. Please remember that this update requires Showtime Media Player v3.99.448 or later.

Changelog: 1.0.5

  • Add: Allows user to set the source for playlist search in settings
  • Add: New default source for playlist search (in TMDB View)
  • Add: Support for IMDB Lists
  • Add: Search for entries from Item Menu
  • Add: Stats system
  • Fix: IMDB’s Parents Guide would not show up
  • Fix: Parser PLX would join the last two items of a playlist wrongly
  • Enhacement: Improve reporting system


  1. If you have one of the latest Showtime version (as required by the plugin) and installed previously the previous plugin it should be updated to the newest version once andoma updates the plugin repository with the new version.
  2. Access the Plugin Central inside Showtime to install the plugin.
  3. Put the zip archive available at github in the directory /installedplugins/

Download: Navi X 1.0.5

Source: psx-scene

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