Need To Find Some Covers For Your Games? Let TidyCoverAgent Do It For You

May 3, 2013

The TidyCoverAgent app extends past being able to just simply search up and download PS3 covers and it extends to the Wii U, Wii and Gamecube as well as the various retro consoles, in case you have a collection going for any of those. Here’s the feature list and changelog to date.

Features v1.0

  • PS3/WiiU/Wii/Gamecube

    • Search for Box/Disc artwork by ID
    • Preview each image, or see in full size mode
    • Quick save for loaders , multiman , wiiflow etc
    • Finds High Quality img’s first
    • See latest additions uploaded by members
    • Drag and drop from new additions to preview
    • Download templates to design your own covers
    • See brief synopsis of each game loaded

Changelog 1.1

  • Ps3/Wii/Gamecube = Scan harddrives for missing covers
  • New Section – Search for retro system art work: SNES,NES,Megadrive,Commodore ,PS1 etc
  • Listen to Videogame music and remixes
  • Zoom in and out of full previews

You can download the TidyCoverAgent below.

Download: TidyCoverAgent 1.1 [Windows 7 | Windows XP]


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