Need Updates For Your Game Rips? Simple PS3Updates 1.4.15 Will have You Covered.

March 12, 2013

 For those who have never used this program before, it is essentially a Windows app designed to help you search for game updates and patches in a more all-in-one kind of process. Basically from operating in two main pains, the left side window will show all of the games you have downloaded. From there, you can right click the one you want or even select all. Hitting the fetch button will then scour the internet looking for the latest version of the game that you will still be able to boot from CFW. Rather than scouring many sites to get your fix, this tool is one of the many that consolidate what would be a long action.

As far as changes in the build are concerned, a lot of them are small menu-based changes such as adding a right click delete function as well as adding GameID selection in the search function. There are also now three ways to delete by way of removing tmp files, straight out killing the file itself, and of course moving it to the recycle bin. For those that like color, you’ll also have a choice of three skins to customize looks too. Of most importance to you, is that the way downloads had been handled in the past has been revised to promote greater stability. The source link as always will have a full changelog, but this a more or less a small but worthy update to a game collector’s app.

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