Neur0n explains how to run VHBL on Monster Hunter 3rd

September 15, 2012

Some of you have been using Monster Hunter 3rd in order to run VHBL. It has occurred to me that the instructions on the VHBL download page are specific to the other versions of the Monster Hunter series, and do not apply to Monster hunter 3rd. Neur0n has published an explanation on his twitter account.

This might be useful for those of you who got Monster Hunter 3rd either in Japan, or on the HK store which seems to ship the Japanese version of the game. Here is the process (roughly translated from Japanese, please keep in mind that I do not own the game):

  1. click on Continue to go in the game
  2. Go to the Meeting Hall
  3. Talk to the guy in Pink
  4. Choose downloadable quest
  5. Choose the first quest at the bottom
  6. when the quest starts, press Left

The original:

source: neur0n

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