New features coming for the Cobra Ode (no restart)

September 16, 2013

The Cobra team is preparing to release a new update for the Cobra Ode, necessary upgrade that allows you to validate the selection of the game without having to restart the console.

The team seems to want to follow in the footsteps of the infamous E3 Ode Pro , even if the new firmware still requires removal and reinsertion into the drive, a process that would lead to ruin the player if used diligently.

We want to emphasize some of the problems that have been reported to us in the Official support forum, and the desire to let you know that we are working to release a fix as soon as possible.

The team is currently working to fix various bugs found in some hard drives that are not recognized by Cobra Ode when the data is formatted in NTFS, at the time just waiting for the fix to format the disk in FAT32.

For several backup if there is installed an update that stops working, the team said they had identified the problem and will soon release a new version for the instrument GenIso , the operation involves the use of the famous file IRD recently viewed on 3k3y Ode .

When you try to update the firmware of the Playstation 3  in order to avoid problems it is recommended to switch from EMU mode PT and disconnecting any USB connection from Cobra Ode , will soon release a patch to fix this problem.

Download:  Cobra MCU update v1.1

Download:  Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1 

Download:  Cobra ODE Installation Manual v1.1 


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