New forced Vita update 2.01 live

December 4, 2012

Sony has just started to roll out the newest firmware update for the Vita.
The new 2.01 OFW update is live in most regions and along with it, the new 2.01 OFW update is mandatory, which is some what unexpected. Why Sony would make this mandatory is questionable since it was supposed to only fix a bug Sony had found in the 2.00 update, preventing some people to save via cloud, if you were a PS plus member. Not all users are plus members so the reason behind the mandatory update doesn’t make sense, there also is not a change log to accompany the update, so whats included is unknown besides the fix for that one issue.

This new update should not interfere with the recent findings of a kernel exploit in the psp emu and the VHBL on 2.00, but there is always a possibility something can get changed or patched. If you are on anything lower than 2.01 you will not have any type of access to any PSN services unless you update to the latest. If you are on 2.0 you should go ahead and update, however that is again a personal choice you have to make. Users have found ways to get on PSN on lower firmwares, but if those methods are still working with this update hasn’t been confirmed yet. In addition, Open CMA also still does not work on anything higher than 1.81 OFW. Remember that any exploits released on 1.81 firmwares and below will not work if you update. Stay tuned for more updates.

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