New Giveaway: Private Game Exploit to 5 Random Winners

February 20, 2014

With all the Giveaways has been giving in the past months qwikrazor87 and I decided to give you guys something new that hasn’t been given before. Keep reading, as this may well be your last chance at getting TN-V on your Vita.

Just as the title of the post implies, the giveaway this time is one of our own private exploits, a PSP game or mini that you can buy on the Store and use it to run TN-V on firmware 3.01 or VHBL on the latest Sony firmware that ultimately patches Total_Noob’s kernel exploit. Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that you’ll have a private entry point into the Vita’s PSP emulator that Sony shouldn’t be able to path as long as it’s kept under wraps.


Previous giveaways have been simple: say “hi” in the thread and hope that you are the lucky winner out of everyone who participates.
This contest will be exactly like that: just go to the /talk thread and say “hi”, but there’s more to it. Rather than making it a dull and boring contest, I wanna make it a bit more fun and challenging. Participants have the option to post a funny picture or gif along with the mandatory “hi” to improve their chances of winning, the type of picture you find in meme sites.
The picture will be graded with a score between 0 and 10 depending on how much I like it, the bigger the score the more chances you get to win, but do note: even if you don’t post any picture, you still get a chance of winning. NO ADULT THEMED PICTURES
qwikrazor87 and I will also be asking for donations for our work, but that’s only optional, you do it at your own soul. DONATING DOESN’T IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING but it does improve the chance that we make another one of these contests.

Once the contest has ended, I will choose the 5 random winners using a script or something.
I will then post the info of the winners and lock the thread, then I will send a PM to the winners asking if they want to claim their prize, at this point, the winners have a week to reply to my PM, if they don’t I will have to choose another winner.

Now the mandatory FAQ.

Will I be able to use this game with TN-V?
The game is guaranteed to work with TN-V up to firmware 3.01, and with VHBL in future firmwares, as long as Sony doesn’t do any more stupid patches. I am not held responsible if Sony decides to update their firmware in the middle of the contest and you can’t get it in time for TN-V on 3.01, it should be possible to use Charles Proxy to obtain it though, but the risk is always there.

Will the game work if I decide to update my Vita?
The game’s exploit will work, but TN’s kernel exploit will be patched, so you will have to cope with VHBL for a while until a new kernel exploit is released. It’s still good news, not everyone has a private game exploit they can use even if Sony updates their firmware and if a new kernel exploit is released, you’ll be more than ready for it.

Can I post more than one picture to improve my odds?
No, only one picture per post. Also, note that once I review and grade your picture, you can’t change it, if you do, the grade will either stay the same or even downgrade if I don’t like the new picture, so choose wisely what you post, if you post anything.

Is the picture mandatory?
No, you still have a chance of winning without a picture.

Will donations improve my odds?
That would be really unfair for people who want the game but don’t have enough money. Donations will only help us make another one of this contest in the future.

How will the random winners be selected?
Using a python script that I will upload the code to prove that it’s a fair contest.

Will Sony ever patch the game?
They shouldn’t. The game is private and will be privately sent to the winners, it is up to them to keep it that way if they wish to have it working no matter how many firmwares Sony updates.
But that doesn’t make it patch-proof, we’ve had many private exploits unexpectedly patched by Sony in the past, so there’s always the fear that they find out about them in the future.

How much does the game cost?
I cannot tell you that, just be prepared with whatever amount of cash you are willing to sped on this exploit.

If I win and I don’t want the exploit anymore, can I give it to someone else?
After choosing the winners I will send them a confirmation PM, you can reply by saying you don’t want it anymore and I will simply choose another random winner. Once I give you the name of the game, it counts as cashed in, so you can’t give it to anyone else.

How do I know the score that my picture got?
I will edit each post containing a picture by adding my score on it, after this you cannot alter the post in any way or you will most likely be disqualified, I don’t want funny asses making their own score and pretending to be me.

Anything else we should know?
No I’ve pretty much covered all the rules, but know that just because it’s not in the rules, doesn’t mean you can do it, use your common sense here to guess if what you wanna do is acceptable or not, or simply send me a PM.

D03s 1t pl4y 1s0z?
Yes, up to firmware 3.01, happy now?

To participate, head over to the contest’s thread on /talk!

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