New Payloads, Improved Emulation Prospects, and a Look at the Console Wars: Here’s One Hacker’s Opinion

March 11, 2013

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Dynarec Improves Our Emulation Prospects

If you’re lucky enough to have any sort of modded console, one of the biggest draws for joining that kind of community is the ability to emulate old consoles. After all, sometimes the wait between being able to pick up a new game can be enough to make us all go crazy, so it can be a pretty cool break to swap in for some Super Mario World every once and a while. However, even with the incredible power of the PS3, you’d be surprised to know that as of right¬† now our emulation choice seem a bit thin. Sure we can play games from the Genesis, NES, SNES, and even PSOne eras, but so can any PC from 2005. If you ask me, I think we need a few more choices.

Mario 64

Thanks to a new project by IngPereira Dynarec is now possible on PS3 which means that your trusty console can now be a little bit more efficient at letting you relive those days of classic gaming glory. So what does that mean for you? If all goes well, we just might be able to see N64 being a fully viable choice for playing on your Sony system. Of course, anyone with half a brain would think this is great news. The PS3 DualShock would actually work quit well for the idea as well considering you could leave movement to the analogs and use the D-pad for the C-buttons. Anyone looking forward to Goldeneye on PS3? You know I certainly am. However, Dynarec is still very early in development so we’ll probably have to wait for that.

Should we waste our time with streaming media? My take is on the next page!

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