New Playstation 4 Firmware 1.60 released – Adds support for various Headsets and a bit more !

February 4, 2014

PS4 Update

Like we already told you a few days ago, Sony is was preparing the Playstation 4 Firmware Version 1.60 for us, but the wait is over and the new Firmware Version is now available for download.

A new feature of this new Firmware is the support for various Headsets, e.g. the Gold Wireless Headset by Sony Computer Entertainment (And no, I am not getting paid for advertising this Sony product… Or am I?).

There are of course some more new functions are features in this brand new firmware update, which I will talk about in the next part of this blog post.

The new gold wireless headset by SCE

Currently there are just a few new functions known. One of them is that the picture quality during DVD playback has been improved, and the other known change is, that you can now mute the Playstation Camera, which sounds like a neat new feature.

Otherwise this firmware offers the usual firmware changes, like system stability has been improved. A bit disappointing for a new X.1X firmware change, but sony decides what will be added in the firmware.

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