New private PS Vita exploit giveaway: 25 winners to get TN-V on their Vita

March 1, 2014

Developer Mathew_Wi, who has recently released an exploit in game Fifa11 (to let people run TN-V on their Playstation Vita) is now doing a private Giveaway on our forums. He will be giving access to a game exploit to 25 lucky winners by March 4!

Total_Noob’s TNV is a Custom firmware for the PS Vita, running within the PSP emulator of the PS Vita. It gives us access to PSP Homebrews, emulators, plugins, and PSP isos directly from the PS Vita. Unfortunately, running TN-V requires a vulnerability in a game, and although those are pretty common, Sony have been aggressively removing and patching every single one that gets announced. Many people have been having access to TN-V recently, as we revealed publicly 4 exploits over the past 3 months for the latest firmware 3.01 (and we have published close to 20 exploits over the past 2 years), but these games have typically been removed from the PSN store within 48h of the exploit announcement.

In order to reduce the risk of the exploit being patched, Mathew_wi decided to give his exploit only to a few winners, who hopefully will be able to keep it a secret. For these 25 people, it means they will be able to use TN-V for as long as Sony doesn’t patch its underlying kernel exploit, and that even when Sony patch TN-V, these people should be potentially able to use VHBL in future firmwares!

This is a pretty cool giveaway, so how do you participate?

Well it’s pretty simple, head over to Mathew_wi’s exploit giveaway thread on our /talk forums and just reply to his thread with a funny picture. You have until March 4 to reply! (guys, no need to post a picture here on the blog comments, the thread is on our forums!)

Credits for the exploit go to Mathew_wi, and qwikrazor87 (whose name seems to be on basically every single exploit these days), and good luck to everyone!

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