New PS Vita Exploits, PS2 Becomes Cool Again, and 4.40 Hits the Web. Here’s One Hacker’s Opinion!

March 25, 2013

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2.06 VHBL Will Work, But Not Too Well


In case you haven’t been keeping abreast on what the Vita scene has to offer, you’ll be glad to know that new exploits are on the way for firmware version 2.06. Thanks to a bug found in the game Apache Overkill, users of newer firmware will now be able to play some of that awesome homebrew that has made our site one of the coolest places to be. That sounds pretty awesome right? Of course it does. However, if the compatibility list is any consolation, I don’t think I would suggest anyone using a previous exploit make a jump up to the latest version.


Let’s take a look at the evidence behind my point. The fact of the matter is, because the hack is so restricted in its nature, some of the most entertaining homebrew won’t be working. Want to play classic games from the N64, GBA, or SNES? Tough luck, because the best options to make that happen for you will not be functioning in this newer build. If that’s not enough for you, other crowd pleasers like QuakePSP and Lamecraft are also on the chopping block. The sad part is, they may never work either. When all is said and done, this again reflects back to the idea that the Vita scene isn’t nearly as complete as it could be. This is certainly worth considering if you must go to 2.06 for some reason, but otherwise the limits will be too big for me and many others. When will we see a true Vita  hack that blows the system wide open? When that day comes, I will be the first to invest.

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However where the Vita has its shackles, the PS3 just keeps on trucking. I’ll share some developments on that on the next page!

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