New PS3 Model Coming Down The Tubes?

July 5, 2012

We all know that Sony is working on the next addition to the PlayStation lineup, the PS4/Orbis. FCC documents have surfaced showing that Sony may be wanting to push another model to the PS3 before it goes.

FCC filings have shown that a new console with a relatively different design as well as model number has been submitted. According to the radio test, the model name of the new model is CECH-4001. If you’ve been following the model revisions, the Phat consoles were CECHA – CECHQ. The Slim consoles were CECH-200x series, then the CECH-21xx, CECH-25xx and CECH-30xx series. Another thing to note is that a debugging version of the console has also been sent in for testing and approval.

With the model number in the next thousand and the filing indicating a new design, it’s rather interesting what Sony is doing with this.

Source: Pocket News via PS3Hax | FCC

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