New PS3 Tools Collection Has An Update For The PS2 Classics GUI

March 31, 2013

Aldo is keeping the PS2 Classics GUI the hottest tool in the PS3 Tools Collection. With a new release of the collection comes another update to the PS2 Classics GUI. That’s not the only tool seeing an update as the Bruteforce Save Data, PKG ContentID and PS3 ConsoleID tools get their share as well.

PS2 Classics GUI 2.0

  • New tab for creation of PS2 packages with custom icons and background. (drag & drop or open any image and the program will create the images in the proper size)


Changes in 1.7:

  • Solves some issues with the file associations.
  • Verifies if the file system accepts the file size (>4GB) and if there is enough free space.
  • Improved the LIMG segment detection/patching before the encryption.
  • Added option to auto rename the PKG to title name + [title id], instead of the content id as name.


Bruteforce Save Data 3.7.3

  • Fixed an issue listing numeric-only file names, added support to copy multiple selected save items.


PKG ContentID 2.3.1

  • Added free space check for Split PKG. Also fixed the display of the [OK] in the PKG verification. It was broken with a recent change.


Changes in 2.30

  • Added “Split PKG” to .pkg context menu. It will extract PKG if it is larger than 4GB and create new PKG files of up to 4GB that fit on FAT32. [This option is intended only for PKG files larger than 4GB, containing files smaller than 4GB]

PS3 ConsoleID 1.0.2

  • Added option show the ConsoleID from a E3’s bkpps3.bin dump.

You can download the latest version of PS3 Tools Collection or each tool individually below.


Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.1 | PS2 Classics GUI 2.0 | Bruteforce Save Data 3.7.3 | PKG ContentID 2.3.1 | PS3 ConsoleID 1.0.2


Source: aldostools


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