New PS4 section on the forums

March 17, 2013

Good news everyone! Following the growing number of requests, we finally opened a PS4 section in the /talk forums. We for now have 2 subsections: Games, and News & rumors.

Today, is one of the biggest PSP and Vita communities. Our members have a strong knowledge in Sony’s PlayStation brand, games as well as “under the hood” stuff. and we expect the interest for the PS4 will keep growing over the months to come. We kind of joined the fun on the PS3 late in the game, but things could be different for the PS4. Even though we believe PlayStation consoles are becoming less and less modder-friendly, it will still be an interesting challenge to see what’s inside the beast, from both a software and hardware point of view.

In order to get things started, I opened a poll “Do you plan to get a PS4?“. You can answer directly on the forum, or leave a comment below, and let’s see the trend :)

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