New Showtime Test Builds Released

January 10, 2013

For those that may not be so acclimated to what goes on in the scene these days, Showtime is a one stop shop for you guys to get all the media use you want out of your PS3. Whether you’re hoping to just browse some of the homebrew .pkgs you’ve got installed on your system or you just want to watch a few HD movies, this program is going to be there to help you out. In a sense, this takes that really basic video player you’ve got installed by default and puts it on steroids. That being said, there’s no wonder why the app has amassed so many fans worldwide.

When it comes to the test builds, the very latest of these happens to be 4.1.387 which includes support for media from, as well as a stretch to fill screen option during video playback should your aspect ratios be a little bit off in comparison to your TV. Finally, a crash has also been fixed within as well.

If you want to get the build that includes everything but that last fix, it’s up for instant download within multiMAN by heading to the video column, pressing triangle, and clicking update. Getting your movie fix has never been easier or better on PS3!



Tags: homebrew, Showtime

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