New Update For PS3Tools… The OSX Flavor

July 10, 2012

If you’ve been peeping at the amount of releases that PSDev has been doing for the GUI Edition of PS3Tools, then you are probably jealous if the only machine that you have is an Apple one. Although it seems as if nevik has been quiet since the initial release of PS3Tools for OSX, he has been working hard to improve it. With that, here’s the next version of PS3Tools for OSX.

The new update adds a few new tools and features to the collection to have at your disposal. With this, you’re able to create and edit PARAM.SFO files as well as make sure of the readself2 and make self tools. PS3Tools for OSX no longer requires X11 to be installed as it was recoded with tcl tk.

If you have an OSX machine, you can pick this up for yourself.

Download: PS3Tools For OSX v2

Source: PS3Hax

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