New Update: PS3 Tools 2.0.61

January 23, 2013

In case you haven’t heard of Aldostools work before, essentially it is one of the closest options we have for an all-in-one collection to get every major scene function done in one place. Essentially what the developer has done with this popular package is bring together the latest version of the most popular tools so you don’t have to go searching on several different sites to find what you need. Everything from .pkg decryption to cheat editing can be done by downloading this one large suite, which is what makes this a pretty worthy addition to the scene.

That being said, as tools get refreshed often this program does as well. On top of the other updates included in the previous version, this one adds Bruteforce Savedata 2.3.4 which allows you to find the keys and resign more or less any savegame you desire for any sort of hacking purposes.  There is also PKG ContentID 2.0.3 which can be used to easily locate the contentID to pkg files along with adding a slew of extensions to help all of these unique files look a little better in Windows Explorer. These are just two of the more than twenty-eight tools you have at your disposal here, and the list keeps on growing!


Tags: aldostools, CFW, homebrew, PS3 Hacks, PS3 Tools

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