New way to download games to your older FW PS Vita – No Proxy required!

December 14, 2013

Don't want to update your PS Vita?

Don’t you hate that you need complicated Proxies, a second PS Vita or even a PS3 to get a game to your PS Vita which runs an older Firmware? It seems our user Crivonyx found a new way to download content to a PS Vita which sports an older Firmware. But how does it work?

The method is pretty simple and the fact that it works is unbelieveable stupid (watched from Sonys side). At first we have to state, that your Vita needs a linked PSN Account, it does not work with a PS Vita that is fresh out of the box, or does not sport any connected PSN Account at all.

You got a PS Vita with an older FW and want your contents on it?
Then follow this simple tutorial:

Disable Wifi and enable the Airplane mode at your PS Vita, then restart it.

At first you need to login to your PSN-Account at the Online Store.

Then go to your downloadlist and select the game you want to download to your Vita.

Select “add game to download queue”, so it should automatically download to your device, once it connects to the internet.

Disable the Airplane mode and enable Wifi. Now restart the PS Vita again.

Thats it. The PS Vita now should automatically start downloading the selected game, without needing the most recent firmware or using the PSN-Store App.

Crivonyx reported that this method worked at his device twice in a row, and that it should be still working.

Just try it yourself and tell us if it is working.
Were you able to get your content or isn’t it working (anymore)?

Source: via (Crivonyx)

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