Nintendo 2DS – Play Your 3DS Games…. In 2D!

September 2, 2013

Nintendo has announced a new console in the DS family – but it looks pretty different.

The new console does exactly the same as a 3DS, but doesn’t have the 3D function to it. To put it plainly, it’s a 2DS.

It’s compatible with all existing 3DS games, and DS games, the market audience of this addition is presumably for children, most likely due to 3DS causing headaches for younger children, and it generally looks more child-friendly designed.

The console is cheaper than the 3DS, obviously and has a beautiful price tag of £109, $130. Which is $40 cheaper than the 3DS.

The console will launch in EU and US on 12 October, which is the same day as Pokemon X/Y. There are multiple colour variations for the console, these include red, white, blue and black.

I kind of want one…… to use as a doorstop.


Do any of you plan on picknig this up?



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