Nintendo Shocks the World, Xbox 720 Details, and Some Thoughts on Video Game Movies. It’s All in One Hacker’s Opinion!

April 29, 2013

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 The DS Retires On Year Nine

Back in 2004, our lives were a lot simpler. The world was in the midst of the popular PS2 generation, which meant that for once the Big N would have a little healthy competition from Sony in the handheld space. To combat the powerful PS console we know to be the PSP, Nintendo released what they chose to refer to as the DS. In the years to come, the unit would sell far more than its PS branded rival and would become one of the best selling game consoles ever created. So by now you probably want to know what my thoughts are on the fact  that the system will conclude production by the end of March 2014.

Nintendo DS

To be truthful, I never owned a DS, but that doesn’t mean I refuse to recognize its impact on our industry. When  it first came out, I think we were all a little confused about the whole two-screen idea, but Nintendo truly figured out how to prove us all wrong. They made a whole bunch of incredible games and shifted hardware like nobody else could. If anybody is losing faith in what Nintendo is doing now, their handheld division still remains something to be proud of. The 3DS has gone on to carry the torch quite nicely to sell its own stock, so even if the Wii U lags behind, I think we still see that Nintendo can have their act together in other areas. One has to wonder though just how long portable consoles can survive before they are evaporated by the likes of smartphones. Until we see that day, may the DS remind us that the original console makers still have some of their legacy in tact.

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So Ratchet and Clank is becoming a movie. Find out my opinion on the very next page!

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