Nintendo to pay over $30 million for patent infringement

March 14, 2013

So people, there you have it, the 3DS’s main feature (the glasses-less 3d) has turned out to have been Sony’s work which Nintendo stole.

The no-glasses 3d display is the key difference between a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo 3DS. It has now been found that this technology was invented by ex-Sony employee Seijiro Tomita. He owns the patent to this technology and managed to take Nintendo to court. This had actually happened in 2011, but the case only began last month.

Originally, he planned to sue for over $292 million – which would amount to approximately $9.80 for every 3DS ever sold. But the amount came down to $30.2 million (which still amounts to approximately $1 for every 3DS sold). The sum came down so low because the defense lawyer said that the 3DS didn’t use his key design principles and that at the time, there were lots of other demonstrations as well.

It is very interesting that when the case was filed, no one took any action, it was as if Nintendo was confident that they would win this case just like all the patent infringement cases before.

NOTE: This shouldn’t affect owners in any way.

Source: Eurogamer

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