No Benefit In Buying PS4 Over A PC

March 20, 2013

In an interview with Gamingbolt, Nordic Games development manager Reinhard Pollice has said that he see’s no real benefit in choosing to buy a PS4 over a Gaming PC, Nordic Games are responsible for creating the Painkiller games here is a quote:

 photo painkiller-hell-and-damnation-banner-540x298_zps48b7f4b1.jpg

“I like a few functions that were announced but so far I personally cannot see a real benefit from buying that instead of a gaming PC”

“We will monitor further development closely and are also in a stage, where we evaluate certain game concepts for this hardware. Even a great platform sometimes isn’t able to convince a critical mass. A lot of factors are important here. Plus we are not in the position to be under the obligatory first-movers in that sense, so we will be careful for the time being.”


Ill list a few benefits of choosing a PS4 over a Gaming PC:

  • Cost.
  • Convenience
  • Not having to constantly upgrade.
  • Not having to deal with driver problems.
  • Not having to deal with Windows.

I could list more, but the main point is a games console is small and sits nicely under your TV, control pads are plug and play and you dont have to install any drivers to get them to run, most people can afford a Games Console but not everyone can afford a Gaming rig.

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